ArmorDeck Flooring

Premier Special Event Rental Flooring and Surface Protection


ArmorDeck temporary flooring is designed to handle heavy loads and high traffic areas while providing the best available ground surface protection. ArmorDeck features an integrated ‘hook and loop’ connection system that guides panels into place for speed and ease of installation. Panels can be secured with a built-in galvanized steel cam lock for additional strength and stability. No other rental flooring system offers all the advanced engineering and features of ArmorDeck.

Surface Protection

ArmorDeck’s bottom panel design features bi-directional ribbed construction to distribute weight and protect natural grass and artificial turf surfaces. Panel drainage and air holes help keep your natural grass healthy and safe while unique drainage features help prevent unwanted liquids from reaching the ground surface.

Cable Channels

ArmorDeck Cable Channels allow you to run electrical and other wiring below the surface of the floor, removing trip hazards and protecting cables from damage. Wiring can be easily accessed from the floor surface for easy installation and removal. Cable access points can be located anywhere in your floorplan.

Materials: high-density polyethylene (HDPE), galvanized steel cam lock
Load Rating: 25,000 lbs./sqft, 45,000 lbs./sqft w/ optional backing
Construction: anti-slip floor surface, ribbed underside design
Panel Size: 42″x 42″x 2″


  • Residential/Commercial
  • Golf Courses
  • Schools/Universities
  • Beaches & Fields
  • Stadiums/Arenas
  • Construction areas

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