Bar Accessories



Millennium Tents & Party Rentals have over 14 years of experience and our goal is to satisfy our valued customers and make sure your wedding or private party is one you will remember.

We have several different types of bar accessories available that will match any event you are planning.

For further information on pricing or the different types of bar accessories we have, please feel free to contact us today.


Name of Item Price
Bar Portable $95.00
Champagne Ice Bucket $7.00
Champagne Stand $5.50
Corkscrew $2.25
Ice Tongs $1.50
Ice Tub Plastic Large $10.50
Liquor Dispenser (4 Bottles) $21.00
Measuring Ecots $4.00
Spouts $1.95
Wine Barrel 1/2 Barrel for Chilling $25.00
Shot Glasses $1.00
Beer Jugs 60 oz $2.50
Keg Pump $19.00
Keg Cooler Barrel $9.00
50 Cup Tea Warmer $15.00
Insulated Beverage Servers $20.00
20 Ltr Juice with Dispenser $12.00
Tea Pot White Ceramic $4.50
Tea Urn 36 Cups $13.00
Tea Urn 100 Cups $21.00
Coffee Maker 36 Cups $13.00
Coffee Maker 100 Cups $21.00
Jugs Thermal 6 Cups $4.50


* Please note prices are subject to change without notice.