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Frequently Asked Questions


How and when do I pay?

All orders are booked upon receipt of a 50% deposit of the total bill. The remainder will be collected prior to setup of your event. Customers may pay by check, cash, Visa or MasterCard unless credit has been established at least 60 days prior to delivery.

When do I need to finalize my order?

Final changes should be made no later than one week prior to your event. Our Rental Coordinator will contact you at this time to review your order, get any final changes you may have, let you know when we are planning to deliver and discuss final details for your order. Longer lead time may be required on certain items such as specialty linens.

Do you charge for delivery?

Most orders will be charged a delivery fee based on delivery location. Please contact us for appropriate charges. You may avoid a deliver fee by picking up and returning items to our warehouse.

When will my delivery be made?

For events held over the weekend our deliveries are generally scheduled for Wednesday – Friday and pickups for the following Monday and Tuesday. Millennium Tents schedules these days based on availability and size of your order. If you would like to request a specific delivery or pickup day, you must do so three months in advance. We cannot guarantee we will be able to accommodate you in this request. We can also schedule a customer pickup and return of your rental order at our warehouse. There is no delivery fee associated with this service.

How should I prepare for delivery?

Please make sure to have your lawn mowed prior to our scheduled delivery. In addition remove any furniture or decorations from the lawn, patio or deck prior to our arrival to setup. Make sure that access to the setup site is clear for our delivery truck to drive as close as possible.


What size tent do I need?

Typically Tables of 8 people, using 60″ rounds or 8′ banquet tables, will require 100 square feet per table or 10 square feet per person. Additional room would be needed to add in a dance floor, band or DJ. Ceremony tents require different seating arrangements. You can usually factor 8 square feet per person if this using cathedral style seating setup with an aisle.

Should I rent a tent or a framed structure?

Framed structures are sturdier than tents. Framed sidewalls can open and close on a track. They are highly weather resistant while retaining all of the elegance of a tent. Tensioned sidewalls means no flapping and a clean tight look.

Are there sides on the tent?

White and windowed sidewalls are available for an additional fee. The sides do not roll up, but rather clip onto a sidewall rope that runs along the inside perimeter of the tent. The sides are constructed of the same material as the tent top. They are pliable and can be folded back to make entranceways and openings. There is no additional cost for our staff to hang the sidewalls upon delivery.

Does the tent have a floor?

Tents are most commonly erected on grass, pavement, decks and patios. Please contact our office to discuss options for adding a floor to your event. All events receive up to three computerized floor plans at no additional cost. There is a $20.00 charge for additional plans.

Do I need a tent permit?

Tent permits are required based on the town your event is being held in. Obtaining a permit is the responsibility of the customer. Contact the local building inspector’s office to find out if one is required for your event site. We are available to assist you in filling out the form and providing any necessary paperwork required about the tent itself.