HexaDeck Flooring

Heavy Duty Modular Flooring and Temporary Road System

HexaDeck rental floor systems feature reinforced construction suitable for heavy weight vehicles and equipment. Each HexaDeck floor tile is designed to function alone or in conjunction with adjacent tiles. Any number of tiles can be connected to form a larger floor system. HexaDeck tiles join using a unique ‘over and under’ connection system with no additional parts or tools required for assembly or separation.


  • Drainage and ventilation holes that provide air, water and light flow
  • Integrated moisture canopy helps to retain moisture and provides adequate space for grass to live and grow
  • Installs easily without tools or trained personnel

Suitable for temporary vehical or pedestrian roadway use up to 30,000 lbs/sq.ft over grass, synthetic turf, gravel, sand, soil, concrete, asphalt, ice, snow, mud, and many other standard ground surfaces. Drainage and ventilation holes provide air, water and light flow.

Materials: high-density polyethylene (HDPE)
Load Rating: 30,000 lbs./sqft
Panel Size: 3 sqft hexigon shape, 26″ at widest point, 2″ in height


  • Residential/Commercial
  • Golf Courses
  • Schools/Universities
  • Beaches & Fields
  • Stadiums/Arenas
  • Construction areas

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