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How to Host a Cool Event When the Weather Gets Hot

There are so many opportunities to host fabulous outdoor events during the summer months. But when the mercury starts climbing, how do you keep guests comfortable?

Summer heat can often get uncomfortably high, especially when guests or visitors need to spend hours in the sun. If you’re holding an outdoor market, this could mean less traffic and less revenue; if you’re hosting a wedding, hours in the sun could be uncomfortable and even dangerous for your guests.

The solution? Tent rentals are equipped with a cooling device!

Tent Rentals are a Summer Event Must Have

Rain or shine renting a tent is the best way to ensure you are ready for anything. When the sun is beaming down, a tent offers refuge from the heat; when the rain clouds open, your event while stays safe undercover. They also allow you to designate areas of your event, drawing people to where you want them, and provide the perfect backdrop for all your decorating ideas or displays. And with tents available in just about every size and configuration you could need, there is a tent rental that will be perfect for your event.

But when it comes to keeping cool, the type of tent your rental will help dictate how protective it is against the sun’s heat. Some tent rentals may appear competitive based on pricing, but tent material matters when it comes to blocking out the sun – the thicker the material, the cooler the tent will stay inside. For optimal coverage, look for tent rentals that offer high-quality blackout vinyl.

Dialing it Down a Notch with a Cooling Device

While a tent on its own will provide significant relief from the summer heat, it’s not always enough the keep outdoor party guests comfortable. However, combining your tent rental with a cooling device is enough to keep everyone feeling good, even on the hottest summer days.

Fans for Tent Rentals

Keeping a tent cool doesn’t have to be complicated; a few simple, well-placed fans could be more than enough the help keep temperatures down. Hanging fans can be situated at the peak or poles of your tent, or for more power, larger tower fans can be used in the corners of your tent.

Cool Boxes

If you want to ramp up the cooling power of your standard fan, you could opt for a cool box, which combines the breeze of an oscillating fan with the cooling effect of a light mist of water. It will feel like an ocean breeze in your tent and can cool temperatures up to 10 degrees. An air cooler has some significant advantages over traditional AC units, where maximum cooling isn’t necessary. Bang for buck, they are a great compromise.

Air Conditioning Units for Tent Rentals

When you need maximum cooling for a large tent, like the kind that would house a wedding or food festival, you might want to consider AC unit rentals. These commercial conditioners are more than enough to keep temperatures inside the tent cool and comfortable. Just remember when budgeting that depending on the size of your tent, several AC units may be required.

Water Elements

Want to have fun and keep cool? Consider adding an element of water to your party. Guests of all ages can enjoy cooling down in a misting tent. Or give the kids (and maybe some adults) somewhere to play with an inflatable water feature.