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Outdoor Event

How To Make Your Next Outdoor Event Stand Out from The Rest

Hosting an outdoor event is an awesome way to bring a group of people together to gather and celebrate in nature and enjoy a unique environment that differs from the traditional indoor parties we usually think of. Outdoor parties give you flexibility and different ways to get creative with different venues, activities, decor, and vendors. When most of us think about an outdoor party, our minds might go straight to an image of the sun beaming down on everyone in their best summer attire snacking on BBQ while the birds chirp. However, hosting an event when it’s cold can be just as much fun (think hot toddies, fire pits, cozy blankets)! Outdoor events, during any season, are becoming more and more popular.

If you are planning an outdoor gathering, you might find yourself lacking inspiration. With so many different options, it can feel overwhelming where to start, from event lighting rentals to seating plans and menu selections. Of course, every host wants to make their event an unforgettable party that stands out from the rest. This is doable- and without going completely overboard or over budget, a few simple steps can level up your event.

Pick a Theme

Having a themed party is way more fun, plus it helps guide your guests on what to wear and what to bring. Selecting a party theme is a great way to bring everyone in attendance together, and encourage liveliness (and photo ops) among guests. Committing to a theme is important- this means organizing your decor in a way that all makes sense and ties together with the theme.

Tent Rentals Keep the Party Going

There’s nothing worse than hosting (or attending) a fun, beautiful, well-planned event that gets completely ruined by an unexpected weather change. No matter how hard you work on that tablespace, or how excited your friends are to play corn hole- the rain can kill the mood in a matter of seconds. At Millenium, we have several different tent options to keep your guests warm, dry, happy, and protected from whatever might occur on the day of your event.

Keep Your Guests Busy

One sure way to host a memorable party is to give guests lots of fun activities to do. Small talk is great, but getting to know people over a game of beer pong or a treasure hunt is way more exciting. The great thing about outdoor events is they generally provide much more space to set up games and activities for guests, and allow some creative freedom. Here are just a few examples of unique ways to make your party stand out:

  • Photo Booth rental
  • Stage rentals/outdoor concerts
  • Outdoor bowling
  • Firepits
  • Food truck hire
  • Outdoor video projectors
  • Karaoke
  • Temporary tattoo artist
  • Beer tasting
  • Vendors selling goods

Incorporate Heating and Lighting Features

Including heating and lighting in your outdoor event plan is an absolute must. Not only will your guests feel comfortable and want to stick around at your party longer, but this gives you some ways to get creative with your decor. Patio heaters are great for warmth and ambiance in any season. Hang chandeliers in your outdoor tent or string globe lights along plants and trees to give party-goers a treat for their eyes. Leave it to the professionals- event lighting rentals are the way to go.

If you’re planning an outdoor event and want to make it extra special and memorable- Millennium has you covered. From event lighting rentals to pop-up tents and heaters, we have something to shape up any event. Contact us today to find out more!