Marquee Tents

Elegant & Beautiful – Millennium Marquee Tents

Marquee tents are changing the way special event and wedding rental tents are viewed! A Marquee Tent from Millennium Tents is the most versatile and compatible structure for any corporate or special event function. The Marquee Tent is designed with fewer pieces and assembles without pins or bolts, resulting in fast and efficient installation. This also allows Marquee tents to be useful in areas with difficult access, such as roof-top patios and urban gardens.

The Marquee Tent center pole is supported by diagonal cables, giving an spacious, obstruction-free interior. The Marquee tent’s Unique gutter system allows multiple tents to be joined in a variety of configurations.

Marquee Tents: The benchmark tent for the tent rental industry

  • Economical: Marquee tents have 50% less parts than traditional frame rental tents = 50% faster to install
  • Effective: slip-fit cable lock frame system and advanced tension structure principles
  • Efficient: Interchangeable robust slip fit parts – no tools required – 2 men x 10 minute set up
  • Flexible: Tents connect together for custom modular space
  • Versatile: optional walls, lights & accessories
  • Variety: 19 (& growing) patented shapes and sizes



Marquee tents can be joined (with rain gutter system) to form creative configurations, such as L-shapes, U-shapes or T-shapes – use your imagination!

Marquee Tent Sizes:

8′ x 15′ 120
10′ x 10′ 100
10′ x 20′ 200
15′ x 15′ 225
15′ x 20′ 300
20′ x 20′ 400
20′ x 30′ 600
30′ x 30′ 900
35′ x 40′ Hex 1050
16′ x 16′ x 16′ Tri 1280

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