NextGen Gallery Basics

NextGen Gallery for your WordPress Web Site

Your WordPress web site uses the NextGen Gallery plug-in to display thumbnail image galleries in your pages and posts. The site is using the free version of the software, which should be suitable for basic image galleries. There is a commercial version with additional features. Complete information is available on the NextGen website:

Using NextGen Gallery

Adding a new gallery is a two-part process; first add a new gallery and images, then enter a shortcode where you want the gallery to appear.

  1. From the WordPress Dashboard, go to Gallery > Add Gallery/Images. Select Create a new gallery and enter a name for your new gallery in the adjacent field.
  2. Click Add Files and select your images for upload. When all your images are chosen, click Start Upload. Wait until all your image uploads are complete before leaving the page. Your new gallery is now ready.
    Click image to view

    Click image to view

  3. To add your gallery to a page or post, first go to Gallery > Manage Galleries and note the ID of the gallery you want to use.

    Note ID number

  4. Edit the page or post you want to add the gallery to. Position your cursor where you want the gallery located and enter the following shortcode including brackets and using the ID for your gallery: [nggallery id=27]. Publish or Update the page/post and you are done.

    Enter shortcode