Pole Drapes



POLE DRAPES  are billowy, white, sheer fabric covers for the side poles of your tent. With a tie at the midpoint on the leg, you can personalize the look with flowers, ribbon or other decorations in your color scheme.

Leg Drapes are the perfect finishing touch to tents fitted with party tent liners, or for use on their own to add elegance to your tent. Made from 100% polyester flame resistant fabric, leg drapes are easily installed. Leg drapes attached to the tents sidewall ropes and tie-off to the side pole / leg with a decorative sash.

Our standard color would be white, but can also custom design drapes for you in all shades of solid colors! Drapes do not open or close like walls, but are strictly for decorative purposes. Pole Drapes come in 8ft , 10 ft and custom heights and color.

For further information on different pole drapes or help on planning your next event, please feel free to contact us today.