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Your Quick Guide to Wedding Tent Rentals in Vancouver

Wedding season in Metro Vancouver is a busy and beautiful time of year. Although weddings do occur year-round, there’s a definite uptick in celebrations of love during the Spring and Summer. One of the best things about our milder coastal climate here in the Lower Mainland is the ability to host events outdoors with a little help from some essential equipment such as wedding tent rentals in Vancouver. If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, here are a few quick tips for selecting the right tents for your dream day.

Style and size

When it comes to determining which size tent or tents you may need for your event, there is a basic formula recommended by experienced professionals in wedding tent rentals in Vancouver of roughly 10 square feet per person. For example, if you plan to have 100 wedding guests, it would be reasonable to allow for 1,000 square feet of coverage from your tent. However, because there are many mitigating factors and other incorporations to your special day requiring space of their own, it’s best to talk to one of our expert team members here at Millenium Tents to determine how things like a buffet, band, dance floor, or bar may affect your space requirements. As for style, the options are endless. We can help you visualize which type of tent would be best suited to the theme and vision of your wedding day. Classic white marquee tents are timeless and beautiful, while clear-topped tents are growing in popularity for their unobtrusive presence and natural lighting. There are even styles such as pole tents or stretch tents that lend a more rustic look to your theme and can be incorporated into the décor with various floral and lighting options.

Location, location, location

When selecting wedding tent rentals in Vancouver, it’s essential to have an idea of where exactly your tents will be sitting. Be sure to visit your potential venues and gauge the evenness of the ground, whether you’ll be stationed on lawn, concrete, or even decking, and what sort of foliage may be overhead that could either lend beauty or hinder the set up of your tent rental. If you have a particular style of tent in mind, consult with one of our tent professionals to find out what is required for the setup of that individual tent style (such as poles, stakes, or weights).

One added benefit of working with a company offering tent rentals is that they typically have a catalogue of other rental items that can complement your special day. There are all kinds of lighting options compatible with various outdoor tent rentals to add sparkle to the evening as well as side panels to make guests more comfortable in the evening or during inclement weather.

Are you getting ready for a beautiful wedding day celebration? Reach out to our team at Millenium Tents for beautiful and versatile wedding tent rentals in Vancouver.