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Wedding Tent Rentals

Creative Ways to Style Wedding Tent Rentals

Wedding tent rentals are a staple of large outdoor events. Whether you need cover from the rain, protection from the sun, or an area to stage for an elaborate sit-down dinner, a wedding tent allows you to do it all.

At first glance, a large white structure in the middle of your venue might not seem like an inspired design choice, but many people take for granted all the creative ways you can style wedding tent rentals. From romantic to whimsical to just plain fun, the right decor can transform your wedding tent rentals from no-frills functional to eye-catching extraordinary!

Light it Up

The right kind of lighting can set the mood for your wedding, and there are so many ways to use lights in a wedding tent. Take advantage of ceiling height with twinkle lights and delicate fabric to create a warm, glowing atmosphere. Or for something unexpected, and if you have the height to accommodate, consider bringing outdoor elements like trees or other greenery inside and wrapping them in lights for a show-stopping centrepiece guaranteed to turn heads.

Create a Ceiling Garden

There’s no need to limit your floral arrangements to tables only. With their structure and height, wedding tent rentals provide the perfect opportunity to create something unique and visually interesting for your guests. Greenery-infused wreaths or hanging floral garlands can help transform a plain white tent top into a whimsical wonderland.

Enchanting Chandeliers

Chandeliers add an aura of elegance to your event, but that doesn’t mean you have to stick with the classics. People have been upping the ante with their wedding chandeliers, using things like floral paper arrangements, greenery, twinkle light-wrapped branches, and even mixed and matched hanging lanterns to give a modern twist to a classic look.

Wrap it With Colour

Keep your wedding lively by incorporating pops of bright colours. Multi-coloured ribbons, delicate fabrics, vibrant paper lanterns, or even strings of pinnies can give your wedding a playful, low-key vibe your guest will love.

Have Fun with a Playful Swing

What is a modern wedding without somewhere to take Instagram-ready pictures? Give your guests something unexpected with a hanging lounge area! Not only will these swings provide a comfortable seating area, but your guest will love taking advantage of the unique photo opportunity.

Boho Vibes

Your wedding doesn’t need glitz and glamour to make it feel special. Bohemian style is not just for music festivals; this laid-back look has been making its way into weddings all over the country. Your tent rental is the perfect place to get warm and cosy with earthy decor, plush seating, and eclectic carpets and throws.

Lofty Lounging

Creative seating arrangements have been all the rage at modern wedding venues. Rather than confining guests to their tables, incorporate seating options throughout your venue by taking advantage of large, spacious wedding tent rentals or using several small rental tents, each with its unique atmosphere.

A Dramatic Entrance

Give your guests a taste of what awaits inside your wedding tent rental with a breathtaking entrance. Carry your indoor theme outside with an elaborate archway, draping, lighting, or creative couples’ signage.

To get started, you’ll first need to choose a style of wedding tent rental with attention to marquees, pole tents, or frame tents you may want and then figure out the size you’ll need to accommodate your guest list. Once you have the style and size down, you can use some of these ideas to get to work on making your wedding tent rental something special for your special day.