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Party Tent Rental

Why Every Event Needs a Party Tent Rental

When you spend months – or even years -planning a big event, you cannot leave anything to chance, including the weather. While there is no way to order the perfect mild, sunny summer day, you can prepare for whatever nature throws your way with a party tent rental.

Be Prepared, Whatever the Weather

Rain is always a concern when planning outdoor events. And odds are, if rain is in the forecast as your event date draws nearer, it will leave you and dozens of other parties scrambling to secure a last-minute party tent rental. Instead of leaving it to chance, you can plan and book your party tent rental well in advance.

But what if it doesn’t rain? Your party tent will not be wasted! Spending hours outdoors with the sun shining down is almost as difficult to bear as getting wet; your party tent will shield you and guests from rain and provide shade. Rain or shine coverage for your guests makes outdoor events more enjoyable.

A Creative Canvas to Make Your Own

Make your vision come to life! At first, you might only see a plain white canopy, but your party tent rental is yours to decorate and customize as you see fit. Balloon garlands, lights, drapes, and flowers, the only limit to what you can do to personalize your party tent is your imagination.

A Designated Space for All Your Party Activities

From dinner to dancing and everything in between, a party tent creates a designated zone for all your goings-on. Party tents come in all sizes and configurations, giving you tons of flexibility to create a plan that works for your event.

Small, open-side tents are a great option for informal family gatherings or backyard events; if you are planning something more extravagant, like a wedding, options are available with walls, windows, and space for everything you’ll need under one roof. You might even want to consider renting multiple smaller party tents to give guests options of different seating areas or to create multiple focal points.

Keep Away the Looky-Loos

Large events can draw in all kinds of attention, often from people who aren’t part of the gathering. A party tent helps provide coverage for you and your guests, keeping your event intimate and private no matter where it is taking place.

Streamline Your Event Planning

Booking everything you need to host the perfect party simultaneously can eliminate a lot of the hassle and guesswork that comes with planning large events. If you need to book tables, chairs, a dance floor, decor, and flowers, it is much easier when you know precisely the size and configuration of your party tent (or tents).

What’s more, your party tent rental company may be able to provide some of these tent accessories or can recommend trusted vendors that they’ve worked with in the past.

Ready to Rent a Party Tent?

Four factors will help you determine the size of the party tent and whether you need extra features like lighting, power compatibility, or heating.

  1. Event type – The party you are planning will influence the tent you need. Weddings often call for high-peaked tents to accommodate many guests, lighting, and décor. Smaller events like a backyard family reunion might benefit from simple pole tents.
  2. Location – In a perfect scenario, your tent should be positioned on a plat, smooth surface; if it’s grassy, grass should be cut low.
  3. Set up – Are you planning on erecting the tent on your own, or will you have the party tent rental company do it for you? This choice might impact the rental options available to you.
  4. Power ready – If your party tent includes lighting, sound equipment, and other electricity-powered devices, you’ll need a tent with a strong frame and roof to support them.

If you are in the market to buy or rent a party tent, call Millennium tent rentals and sales to find out why we have been the Lower Mainland’s preferred party tent supplier since 2003.